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Commander, Grumpy, Ducky

Writer's Block and my Crap Day from Hell

Posted on 2010.10.19 at 21:34
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Well my Muse has officially gone and DIED on me. How lame is that? I don't think I've written anything for five days- it's a TRAGEDY I tell you! I can't STAND writer's block, why can't it just go shrivel up and die? I mean, really, what good is it to anyone?!? If I can't write I tend to go a little bit crazy, so it certainly doens't help me in any way known to man!
Well...let's see. What do I have to talk about seeing as I owe you a bloody long entry to make up for last. Oh yeah, I figured out how to take it off of Friend's Only setting so now the general public get to see all my woes in life. Joy for them I'm sure.
Today was also awful. Honestly one of the worst Mondays I've had in a L-O-N-G time, and that is really saying a lot. I woke up and felt ill because I had a crap night's sleep yesterday. Then my little sister got up and when she does that early in the morning she talks. Like, non stop. So that was really annoying, and I ended up waling out of the house on a bad note with her and I really hate doing that and thought that something really bad would happen to her and the last thing I ever said would be shouting at her. Then I forgot my keys and had to walk all the way back for them, meaning I was late for school.

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Commander, Grumpy, Ducky

The Red Pyramid

Posted on 2010.08.30 at 18:45
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I have to say it- Rick Riordan you LEGEND! <3

Honestly, I got the first book of the Kane Chronicles yesterday, and I'm about halfway through it already squealing with giddyness. His writing is just so awesome!


Commander, Grumpy, Ducky

The Lost Hero

Posted on 2010.08.25 at 12:32
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*Squeals* I'm so impatient. I've still got more than a month to go before I hold my precious book in my hands, and I'm already about to die with anticipation. That's what I get for reading preview chapters with positively EVIL clifhangers I guess.

I get that I probably the stupidist person in the universe for not getting the fact that Percy would be the Lost Hero until I actually read it written down. Because of this, I think you can guess I had a mini heart-attack where I was sitting when I read that. Now all I can do is panic about him and make my hair turn grey. *looks chagrined* I can only dread what I'll be like if he's still missing at the end of it.

Who's liking the look of our new heroes?!? I know I am! Leo is so my favourite, and I'm liking the sound of Piper even if we haven't heard much yet. I'm going to go shut up now and go spaz out some more in a corner for the next 5 weeks, and I'll come back when I've calmed down.

*deep breaths*

Edit: And just one tiny little question- WHY WONT IT LET ME PUT ANY OTHER ENTRIES PN PUBLIC VIEW?!? *whimpers* Technology hates me...